Over the years we have developed a four-step planning process that streamlines the creation and execution of our clients’ plans. While every family is unique, our clients often tell us how much they value our efficient, proven process.



The four-step process begins with education. The more you know about estate planning and asset protection, the better. Education helps you zero in on your goals and understand how your plan accomplishes these goals. The educational process begins at our workshops, where we discuss estate planning basics, together with the key documents and strategies involved.


Vision Meeting

Next, we meet with you in person, either in our office or virtually, at what we call the “Vison Meeting.” During the Vision Meeting, we ask you to educate us about your unique family dynamics, needs, and goals. This is facilitated by providing you with a list of questions. We use the information you provide to create a plan tailored to your specific needs.


Design Meeting

As the name implies, the Design Meeting focuses on designing your plan using the information gleaned from the Vision Meeting. During the Design Meeting we further educate you about the best ways to accomplish your specified goals.


Signing Meeting

This is where your planning documents are signed and notarized. At the signing meeting we take the time to answer all of your questions and make sure you understand how your plan works and what it will accomplish. For clients with highly sophisticated plans, we also explain the importance of trust funding and other considerations.

Satisfied senior couple at lawyer office signing their estate plan

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