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Maximizing Convenience: Online Document Prep Services

One of the most important aspects of estate planning is having access to your documents and an efficient way to make adjustments as necessary. Some changes are so small it’s not easy to find the time to come into the office with questions or requests. To cater to busy schedules, at Kentucky Estate Planning Law Center, we have introduced a new avenue for online document creation through the Guidr platform. This innovative approach to solving your simple estate planning needs from the comfort of your home. 

What Services Can Be Utilized Online?

With Guidr, you can effortlessly create a last will and testament, power of attorney, and health care directives, with the peace of mind that attorneys in your community will review and look out for your best interests. If you’re unsure exactly what services would best suit your needs, you can fill out a personalized questionnaire that our attorneys will review and make recommendations based on your personal circumstances—all the benefits of visiting the office without ever stepping outside. 

What Sets This Service Apart?

What truly sets our online document preparation service apart from other options on the market is the combination of convenience and personalization. DIY legal services are readily available to anyone who has internet access. You can cherry-pick the services you want, fill out a form and receive a generic contract or estate planning documents to fulfill their basic purpose. The ease of convenience is hard to beat. 

The issues arise when your personal circumstances aren’t taken into consideration. Although attorneys may be assisting with the DIY document preparation process, they’re not members of your community. They may be experienced, but an attorney in your neighborhood will have the background and localized knowledge to offer tailored solutions. Your legal matters are highly private and personal to you and your family, so it makes sense to seek out personalized legal assistance. While you’re working with Kentucky Estate Planning Law Center through the Guidr platform, you can take comfort in knowing that our seasoned local attorneys are overseeing the process, ensuring that your plan aligns perfectly with your needs and objectives.

Empower Yourself with Flexible Choices

Utilizing Guidr empowers you to approach estate planning in a manner that suits you best. We offer two distinct approaches that cater to your preferences and level of involvement:

Do It Yourself: This economical option is tailored for individuals who possess a clear understanding of their desired plan objectives. The pricing transparency allows you to budget for your needs as a bundled service or a la carte. 

Do It With Some Help: This versatile option lets you decide whether you want to finalize your plan independently or enlist the expertise of our attorneys to ensure proper execution and storage. This choice allows you to strike the perfect balance between convenience and professional guidance.

Partnering With an Attorney

When you create documents through Guidr, you’ll embark on a seamless journey toward creating your basic essential documents. Although convenient and easy to use, at the end of the day, don’t forget that the attorneys at Kentucky Estate Planning Law Center are here for you and your family. As an estate planning law firm, we’re committed to guiding you through your evolving needs and giving you the tools you need to protect your legacy. If you have questions about what a comprehensive estate plan can do for you or would like to meet one of our attorneys for an in-person consultation, call (270) 982-2883 today.

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