Change is a part of life and your estate plan must take life’s changes into account. Why?

Consider your beneficiaries. They will get married (and divorced), have children of their own, celebrate new jobs and suffer financial setbacks. Changes such as these may necessitate changes to your plan.

Your health and your financial situation will also change over time. When your health declines, your plan must address the possibility of needing expensive long-term care. Similarly, your wealth will grow (or shrink) over the years, which will alter the way you plan for financial security.

In addition, the laws governing the taxes you pay, the opportunities available to protect assets, and your eligibility for important government assistance programs like Medicaid are constantly changing as well.

Your estate plan must take all of these changes and more into account. This is why we offer our Estate Plan Maintenance Program to all of our clients. For a small, one-time fee we will keep you abreast of changes in the law that materially impact your plan. You will also be invited to all of our educational workshops. Finally, we will make changes or modifications to your plan for considerably less than you would pay for these services a la carte.

We hope you choose to enroll in our Estate Plan Maintenance Program. You will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your plan is up-to-date and capable of accomplishing your goals when you need it most.

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